Wednesday, January 27, 2010

December and January knives

Heavens! I have not blogged For like FOR- EV-ER.

(Ever watch Sandlot? I just had a Sandlot flashback.)

I have excuses and good ones too, but let's just say January and I DO NOT like each other and I can't wait til February comes. Please come quickly February. I know you love me...

Anyways... Shane has been working his little fingers to the bone.
Here are a few of his talents...

This green folder was made in December.

(This picture shows the truest color of the knife.)
This is the second folder that Shane has ever made. I love it!! It has jade green g-10 and the blade steel is ATS-34.

I love Green! This is a soft neutral green and it just speaks to me.

Really, it's saying, "Lacy, you want me... you need me... you don't have a green knife...I would look really hot in that display case of yours."
Sheesh, that green knife is pretty full of himself, isn't he? Truth is... he's right.

I really would love to have this green folder in my new display case!

Oh, I don't think that I've mentioned that I have a new display case. Don't worry it is still guarded by lazer- light maze detection and of course Ninjas with numb chucks. Guess what, I added a security thumb print recognition pad too. Very cool. Aren't I just so technologically advanced?

(crazy cool file work.)

If you haven't yet seen the first folder that Shane can just scroll down to the last post.

Back to knives... Did you know that you love me? You do love me.(Yes, this does lead to knives.)

This is why you love me. - I tell you ALL of Shane's deep dark knife secrets.-

Your welcome and I love you too.

For instance, did you know that Shane was really scared to make a folder? Yeah, He was.
He'd see a folder and say, "I'm going to buy that."
I'd say, "No, go make it."
He'd say, "I don't think I could do it."
I'd say, "I didn't think you could even make a knife at all, and you have, so go home and make one." We had this conversation quite a few times until one day. He did just go home and make one.

This is where our he said/she said thing continues. "See hunny, you can do it. You've even madetwo folders now and they are beautiful. You, my love, can do anything! Your abilities are endless. That's why I know you are perfectly capable of putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, instead of on our rocking chair. Love you."

This next knife was Shane's first knife of the year.

Shane made this knife as a retirement gift. It has such a soothing color combination. I love the California Buckeye Burl wood and the mammoth tusk bolster with that little touch of blue in the spacers. The blade steel is CPM S30V.

Oh my gosh, and check out that sheath. Shane did something new on this Sheath. He folded the lining over the top of the sheath. (I'm sure there is some fancy name for that but I don't know it and Shane is not around.) This sheath also has gator inlays. Can you stand it?I can't stand it! That is crazy cool.

My favorite file work!

Thanks for reading my crazy antics.

Love, Lacy