Thursday, July 12, 2012

The American Guns Knife

So... Shane and I were pleasantly surprised to see one of Shane's knives on the Discovery Channel show "American Guns."  Rich Wyatt had Shane make a couple knives a while back.  We hoped one might make it on the show.
 So Yeah!  
Last nigh,t DVR was most handy! Rewind and play, elbow Shane, say, "wow hun," and repeat it over again at least 5 more times.   
 Now Dubbed, "The American Gun Knife" was made with  Chad Nichols' Hazmat pattern Damascus. The handles are prebanned elephant ivory. Shane made the Sheath out of crocodile skin.
 This knife has Shane's "rising sun" file work. He's so fancy smancy!

Man, it fits nice in your hand.
and a lanyard from kangaroo lace and sterling silver beads. Told you he was fancy smancy.
Shane used threaded barrels and custom screws to hold the elephant ivory handles on.  
and speaking of elephants...
 I guess I better talk about the big one in the room ;) The fact that I haven't blogged for about ten years. Yes, Shane would like to kick me in the butt. He can't. I like to think that it's because I'm so cute, but really he just knows better.  I mean I don't have anything, at all,  to do. Like take care of three kids, and a baby that is  permanently stuck to my hip. Nope, nothing at all.
I will try to update all the other knives everyone has missed out on but don't hold your breath. Or do... If you like to pass out. Me? Not so much.

Before I go one more announcement. Shane has a new forum at the Usual Suspect Network Knife forum. You might have to register as a member. That's easy, just a user name and password  is all that's needed.  Here is a link to his forum if your already a member.

Love ya, Lacy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some of Shane's 2010 knives.

Contrary to popular belief, Shane and I have not fallen off the face of the earth.
We're still here.
Shane is still constantly in The Great Oblivion working away. Here is one of his beauties,
Shane's #6 liner-lock folder made out of carbon Damascus blade, double carbon fiber bolsters, and woolly mammoth bone handle and red spacers.
OOh, I really like this one. Really!
The liners are titanium and it has a titanium thumb stud
with a black pearl inlay.
Be still my heart, black pearl inlay. Looving it!
I begged Shane to keep this one for himself because he sold his other one which I will tell you about in a minute.
But, nope. It's gone.

Shane also made a custom stingray skin lanyard.

Yup, wifey knows best- shoulda kept it hun.
So where have I (Lacy) been you ask?
Okay, so you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyways.
I've been taking care of are three munchkins and wondering if winter was EVER going to go away.
It's safe to say that Utah had a very cooold looong winter.
I even threatened old man winter with my "Lacy wrath" to which he so rudely laughed at me, and just to spite me, he hung around for an extra TEN months. (or so it seemed.)
Therefore, Lacy's brain is just barely thawing out enough to blog.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

This is Shane's first frame lock folder!
The handle is all .130 thick titanium
with a cpm s30v blade.
Little story about this one.
Once upon a time, a few months ago...
Shane said he couldn't make a frame lock folder
and his sweet adorable loving wife said that he could.
And guess what he did.
and they lived happily ever after.
The End
P.S. Wifey knows best.
This knife above and below has
Leopard pattern Damascus titanium bolsters and
walrus jaw bone handle.
This sheath has a stingray skin inlay.
Say that three times fast.
sting ray skin inlay
sting ray skin inlay
sting ray skin inlay.

and here it is.
Somebody, I won't mention any names...
Wanted to keep this one
and somebody else, I won't mention any names..Shane..
Said, "NO" and shipped it off to a new owner.
crack... did you hear that?
Don't worry, It was just Lacy's heart!

Above and below is Shane's Folder #3-Damascus back bar with Vine file work.

Crushed W's Damascus blade mokume bolster and thumb stud
and woolly mammoth tusk handle.
Yum! I love mokume. It reminds me of chocolate.
Have no idea why.
Yes, I am very strange.
Ladder pattern Damascus with white woolly mammoth tusk bolster and woolly mammoth tooth handle.
This sheath has elephant skin inlay. Way cool!
The beads on the sheath are woolly mammoth tooth on the left and woolly mammoth tusk on the right.
Shane made these beads.
Isn't my hubby so nifty?
I'm thinking mammoth tooth bead for a necklace would be really nice.
hmm, why didn't I think of that sooner?
Shane's faithful companion for 2 years.
and he sold it.
Wifey said don't sell it.
He sold it.
He misses it.
Wifey knows best.
#5 Folder-This is also crushed W's Damascus with mosaic Damascus bolster, woolly mammoth tusk handle.
These pictures do NOT do this knife justice.
So classic and rugged at the same time.
Very masculine.
Damascus back bar with vine file work and blue spacers.

Loving this Mosaic pattern!

Did you know they are not having Blade show west in Oregon this year.


Don't worry, It was just Lacy's heart.

We are sooo going to miss it

but on a happier note Shane and I will be attending the

PKA knife show in Denver Co. August 20-22.

I'm excited to be there!

Shane will have a table there and we hope to see you there.

Love, Lacy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

December and January knives

Heavens! I have not blogged For like FOR- EV-ER.

(Ever watch Sandlot? I just had a Sandlot flashback.)

I have excuses and good ones too, but let's just say January and I DO NOT like each other and I can't wait til February comes. Please come quickly February. I know you love me...

Anyways... Shane has been working his little fingers to the bone.
Here are a few of his talents...

This green folder was made in December.

(This picture shows the truest color of the knife.)
This is the second folder that Shane has ever made. I love it!! It has jade green g-10 and the blade steel is ATS-34.

I love Green! This is a soft neutral green and it just speaks to me.

Really, it's saying, "Lacy, you want me... you need me... you don't have a green knife...I would look really hot in that display case of yours."
Sheesh, that green knife is pretty full of himself, isn't he? Truth is... he's right.

I really would love to have this green folder in my new display case!

Oh, I don't think that I've mentioned that I have a new display case. Don't worry it is still guarded by lazer- light maze detection and of course Ninjas with numb chucks. Guess what, I added a security thumb print recognition pad too. Very cool. Aren't I just so technologically advanced?

(crazy cool file work.)

If you haven't yet seen the first folder that Shane can just scroll down to the last post.

Back to knives... Did you know that you love me? You do love me.(Yes, this does lead to knives.)

This is why you love me. - I tell you ALL of Shane's deep dark knife secrets.-

Your welcome and I love you too.

For instance, did you know that Shane was really scared to make a folder? Yeah, He was.
He'd see a folder and say, "I'm going to buy that."
I'd say, "No, go make it."
He'd say, "I don't think I could do it."
I'd say, "I didn't think you could even make a knife at all, and you have, so go home and make one." We had this conversation quite a few times until one day. He did just go home and make one.

This is where our he said/she said thing continues. "See hunny, you can do it. You've even madetwo folders now and they are beautiful. You, my love, can do anything! Your abilities are endless. That's why I know you are perfectly capable of putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, instead of on our rocking chair. Love you."

This next knife was Shane's first knife of the year.

Shane made this knife as a retirement gift. It has such a soothing color combination. I love the California Buckeye Burl wood and the mammoth tusk bolster with that little touch of blue in the spacers. The blade steel is CPM S30V.

Oh my gosh, and check out that sheath. Shane did something new on this Sheath. He folded the lining over the top of the sheath. (I'm sure there is some fancy name for that but I don't know it and Shane is not around.) This sheath also has gator inlays. Can you stand it?I can't stand it! That is crazy cool.

My favorite file work!

Thanks for reading my crazy antics.

Love, Lacy

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What's Been Going On At S.P.A. Custom Knives

Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since we have made a post, but you know how it goes. Seems like we have just been so busy. Lacy and I have both been very busy with Thanksgiving, trying to get ready for Christmas, and trying to get a few orders out for Christmas presents. Lacy is trying to get our little Lilli to go to sleep so I thought I would give ya an update on what has been goin on at S.P.A. Custom Knives. As Lacy has said in an earlier post we had an excellent time at the Blade West show in September. The people we met were great and the sales were also great. I would like to thank every one we meet there for making the show a fun and successful one. THANKS! The knife that won the Best New Maker award is in the newest copy of Blade Magazine on I believe page 44 February 2010 edition. They are a little a head of schedule! LOL! This is my first knife to be in Blade, so it is kind of exciting. Since the show and the picture of my knife in Blade I have been getting quit a few orders on the list. So if anyone has been thinking of placing an order now is the time to do it.
While we were at the Blade West Show a feller stopped by my table a couple of times and looked over my knives. He picked one up and said he really liked the Damascus steel it was made from. I told him I bought that piece of Damascus from Chad Nichols, and he is right across the isle so go check out his steel because he does have some very nice Damascus. A little while later the same gentlemen came back to my table with a very nice piece of Damascus steel he had bought from Chad and he asked me if I would make a knife for him from it. I said that would be great! So here are some pics of how the knife turned out. It is about 12" overall and about 2" at the widest point, so it is sorta big. The handle is made from stabilized Giraffe bone. I think it turned pretty good.

Please click on picture to get the full size image




I finished my first folder from scratch a few weeks ago. They are kind of a pain in the but to make but fun also. I made the liners from .050 titanium, the handles from black & blue G-10, and the blade from A-2 tool steel. This one turned pretty good for being my first one. It opens and closed smooth and the lock is solid and smooth also. I hope to make a lot more of these in the future. Here are some pics of the folder.




It also has file work on the outside of the back bar, and on the inside!



Thanks for checking out my blog & I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Shane

Friday, November 13, 2009



You'll have to excuse the little school girl scream! But I have just a fun little tidbit to announce!
Our local newspaper did an awesome article on Shane and his knives (of course)!
It's been so fun hearing from people who have known Shane for years, and yet, had no idea what talent he has!
Thanks so much for all your kind words!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knife Stalkers Store- Knives for sale

If you would like to purchase one of these knives you may contact Shane at or call us at 435-725-6210.

Knife made at Ed Fowler Seminar- $400.00 This is a knife that was forged at Ed Fowler's seminar. It has a stainless guard, blue and turquoise spacer, and a stabilized buckeye burl handle.

Ladies and Gentleman's knives - These are up for a fun raffle at Knife dogs forum you can participate here.

Red Cricket- For Sale $130.00 Shipped With Red Kydex Sheath & Tek-lok. Twist Damascus, Red Jigged Bone Scales, Mosaic Pins, About 4 1/2" Overall

Green cricket- This will be the second prize winner for the same raffle as the set above on Knife Dog's Forum. You can get to it here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The first of Shanes knives sold at Blade West-2009

So if your a loving, adoring, and supportive wife (and I am) you have to take a picture of the first knife that sells at Blade West Show 2009, right?

You can see why this Carbon Fiber Fighter was the first to sell. It is just a really, really cool knife!
There isn't an inch of this knife that doesn't scream awesome! It has 3 bar composite from Al May. Double titanium bolsters and Carbon Fiber handle!
The sheath has sting ray skin inlays! How cool is that?
The mosaic pins in the spine are a first for Shane. It makes this knife unique.
And aren't I just so supportive to post that it sold too.
(Okay, so there may have been a few words said about the fact that we don't see him enough, Okay, I've said it more then a few times. ) but I'm still supportive!

Shane's supportive wife-Lacy