Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knife Stalkers Store- Knives for sale

If you would like to purchase one of these knives you may contact Shane at spakives@yahoo.com or call us at 435-725-6210.

Knife made at Ed Fowler Seminar- $400.00 This is a knife that was forged at Ed Fowler's seminar. It has a stainless guard, blue and turquoise spacer, and a stabilized buckeye burl handle.

Ladies and Gentleman's knives - These are up for a fun raffle at Knife dogs forum you can participate here.

Red Cricket- For Sale $130.00 Shipped With Red Kydex Sheath & Tek-lok. Twist Damascus, Red Jigged Bone Scales, Mosaic Pins, About 4 1/2" Overall

Green cricket- This will be the second prize winner for the same raffle as the set above on Knife Dog's Forum. You can get to it here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The first of Shanes knives sold at Blade West-2009

So if your a loving, adoring, and supportive wife (and I am) you have to take a picture of the first knife that sells at Blade West Show 2009, right?

You can see why this Carbon Fiber Fighter was the first to sell. It is just a really, really cool knife!
There isn't an inch of this knife that doesn't scream awesome! It has 3 bar composite from Al May. Double titanium bolsters and Carbon Fiber handle!
The sheath has sting ray skin inlays! How cool is that?
The mosaic pins in the spine are a first for Shane. It makes this knife unique.
And aren't I just so supportive to post that it sold too.
(Okay, so there may have been a few words said about the fact that we don't see him enough, Okay, I've said it more then a few times. ) but I'm still supportive!

Shane's supportive wife-Lacy

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shane's new name!

Shane has many name's in our house.
Violet calls him "my little big daddy"& "my foot long daddy" (cuz he's long and skinny like a foot long hot dog, I guess. )

Lilli calls him "Hunny bunch sugar plum" It sounds more like unny bunch ugar lum.
Just yesterday, at the store when Lilli couldn't see her daddy she yelled as loud as she could, "Unny Bunch where are you?"

Questen calls him "DaddyO"

Just recently Shane earned a new name...

A week and a half ago, Shane finally crawled out of the Great Oblivion. He'd been there since the end of July. I counted to make sure he had all appendages and was happy to see, other than a little mammoth tooth dust and steel shavings, he was just fine.

We packed up his knives and headed to the Oregon Blade West Show.
We brought along Shane's Mom and Dad. Who are ever so proud parents!
Shane submitted some knives for judging.
One of the knives was this one. It has a mammoth tusk bolster and mammoth tooth handle. It has brass spacers and are you ready for this.... Black lip pearl inlays and mother of pearl inlays on the spine. Gulp... I'm so amazed at it! What an artist Shane is and he's mine so I get to brag about him.
So here is his new name.
Best New Knife Maker of the Blade West show 2009!
Yes, he won! This is the knife he won it with.
So keep an eye out for Shane's picture and the knife's picture in Blade Magazine.
What a special moment it was when they called his name! I think his dad, mom, and I all had tears in our eyes.
But don't worry Shane doesn't have a big head yet. In fact, I'm going to be in big trouble for this post, but our good news must be shared right?
I am absolutely possitve that all the nicest people in the world were under one roof at the knife show. Thanks to everone for friendships and kind words! You guys are great!
More about the show soon as long as Shane doesn't ban me from the blog!
Love, Lacy
P.S. Thanks to our munchkins-sitters. Without you guys watching our three little ones there is no way we could have made it to the show. Thanks! I hope you all recover quickly.