Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been years

Since Lacy made a post! I know...I know... I'm ashamed of myself... are you happy now?
Anyways... Lacy slacks off, but Shane has not.
He has made many knives. Lacy just can't keep up with him.
So forgive me and here is a look at three of them.

Mammoth tooth and lots of silver. This is a beautiful knife. It was shipped off to a store in New York! Wow Shane! Good job, hunny.
Blue micarta knife and cpm s3ov steel

Giraffe bone and this knife has Shane's newest file work. This picture doesn't do it justice. This knife is definitely a beauty!
Anyways, Shane's been a busy man getting knives ready for the Oregon Show.
He had about 13 ready, but some of them found their way into my collection. It's amazing how they just pick themselves up and walk right into my (lazer beem alarm protected) cabinet.
Shane must make magic knives....:)