Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet!! CPM s30v & Boxelder Burl Hunter

Just see'in if your paying attention Wes!! Wes is one of my buddy's I work with. He is a big time hunter & is lookin for a good knife. We had both been hearing great things about CPM s30v & since I have been trying some new steels lately I thought what the heck, lets give it a whirl. He kinda told me what he was looking look and style wise and just told me to see what I came up with. So here it is if he doesn't like it then tuff! Just kidding! If he doesn't like it then I'm sure I can find someone that will. Heck as good as it cuts maybe I'll keep it! Being this is my 1st time using this type of steel I did a lot of research on the Internet about how to heat treat it the best way. After getting a lot of really different answers I called the stainless steel heat treating expert Paul Bos. He has been doing stainless steels for like 30 years of something and he really knows his stuff. He was kind enough to let me in on his secret recipe for this steel & I believe it worked like a champ. For those of you that don't know I recently went to an awesome knife making seminar at Ed Fowlers place. He taught us that we must test all out knives and know what they can do. I am a firm believer in that concept. I took some of the test I learned while at Ed's and tryed this new born knife out. The first test I tried was the edge flex test. Most makers do this on a soft brass rod. Not Ed Fowler he uses a steel honing rod. So I put a steel rod in my vise & started the edge flex test waiting to hear the edge chip. I was amazed! I flexed the edge with a lot of body weight pressure 8 times and no chips or cracks appeared to the naked eye in the edge. I was very pleased with that so on to the next test. From what I have been told & read you are lucky to get 100cuts on 1/2" sisal or hemp rope on most production knives. Most tests I have seen done only have produced around 60 to 80 cuts. This sweet hunk of steel crunch and sliced it's way through the rope 266 times and was still cutting with the right amount of force, but I was tired. That's A Lot Of Rope To Cut!! I was very pleased with that, so I deemed this knife fit for a handle and to live the rest of it's long life as a respectable knife. I decided to use black linen micarta for a good strong bolster, then a mammoth tooth sigar band, and some very nive Boxelder burl for the main handle. The handle and file work is accented with gray liners and spacers. I was going to post pics of all the rope shavings but I can't seem to find them. So here are some crappy pics of the finished knife. Sorry no sheath as of yet. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment to let me know what ya think. Thanks, Shane

Monday, March 16, 2009

Men are from Mars...Lacy is perfect!

Men are from Mars-I get the beauty of knives. That I completely understand. To me it's an art. Just when I think I get everything about knives. Just when I think I've got what Oprah would call the little "light bulb moment" of complete knife understanding...
Shane walks in the door with a new boo boo.
Everything I thought I got about knives is gone. Oozes right out of my brain like the blood running down Shane's arm. How can a man have a grin on his face when he's bleeding like that?
This one wasn't a long cut, but it was deep. I'm standing there saying, "I think you need a few stitches Shane, I'll call your sister to come watch the kids..." He's telling me were not going anywhere.
Here's the culprit.

A beautiful crazy "knife stalker" knife.
It has orange and black G-10 for a handle.

That pointy end to the left caught Shane's arm.

Yeah, being a knife maker's wife is not for the faint of heart.
Lacy is perfect-Okay, so not so much. I'm a bit of a ninny.
But before all you men out there dubs me a complete wimp...
I have one question for you.
Have you ever ever given birth?
Well, I have THREE times and one time without any pain meds
It doesn't matter that I was biting the bed and Shane's shirt
and possibly swearing.
I still did give birth without any pain meds AT ALL!
Did I mention, there was not any pain meds
Okay then...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hi everyone, I've finally fixed the comment so that you won't have to be logged into blogger to leave a comment. Please everyone let us know what you think- good or bad.
Thanks, Lacy

Monday, March 2, 2009

Little boy blue

We're glad to have Shane back. Even if it was a day late. I said that he would stay an extra day and I was right. But then, I usually am. Shane should be use to that by now, when your right your right.
By the way... All you men out there can take a great big breath. The Great Oblivion is not pink. I repeat. The Great Oblivion is not pink.

Beautiful Blue Coral with Mammoth tooth.
Shane made this little knife in January.
Lacy referes to this knife as "little boy blue" Shane does not know this. Our little secret...
He wouldn't apreciate it because I've already named, or tried to name a horse, three cats, a dog, and our first born "little boy blue."
Prestine file work. Doesn't this knife make you feel like going to the beach?
Since nobody liked the pink for The Great Oblivion I was thinking pocadots. Yeah that sounds good purple pocadots... big ones...small ones...Shaner Hunny...When is your next seminar?
He...He...He... The evil cackle continues...