Sunday, December 28, 2008

Valentino's Frances' knife

This knife was finished a while ago, but I kept it a secret. It was a special Christmas present.
Valentino asked Shane to make his girl a knife. Valentino picked out the pink G-10 and the yellow spacers. He picked well! Look at that little heart in the blade. Isn't that the best!
This vine work is my favorite!

I have to say. Lacy is feeling a little green with jealousy right at this moment. Just look at it. It is so stinkin cute!!!! Merry Christmas Valentino. Please send us some pictures of You and your gal with your knives. Thanks-Lacy

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

. Accident 2

If you haven't read the first part. Please scroll down and read it first.

There I was waiting for a the bang of the crash. I heard somebody scream a blood curdling stop and realized it was me. I waved my arms. Shane was yelling too, but I couldn't comprehend him. There was the squeal of brakes as the truck stopped just a foot away from the front of her car.

Finally my mom was safely to the side of the road with us. Shane and I were crammed into the passenger seat. My mom started unloading the back seat of it's belongings. She gathered as many blanket as we had. She took the blankets to anyone who needed them. She invited strangers into the car. There really are angels among us!

We found out later, that a white car had broke down on the side of the road it was facing east. A green car was parked facing it to give it a jump. The cars covered each others lights,A red car came and hit into the white car. The car catapolted the green car into our lane where we hit it. Did you get all that. The bottom line is the first accident created our accident.

Finally the ambulance came an loaded us onto stretchers. I have to mention that the same paramedic who helped Shane and I was the same Paramedic who helped my mom and me when I was eight. That's a whole other story that I will tell on Lacy's Lovelies sometime. But, how incredible to get the same person 12 years later! There really are angels among us!

When we arrived at the hospital they hooked me to all kinds of monitors. I remember the nurse gasping as she looked at my stomach. She ran out of the room and brought a doctor in he pulled up my shirt and nodded. I had to look myself. There was a perfect purple and black bruise forming a seat belt only wider. I had a seatbelt bruise clear to the end of January. The baby still hadn't moved, but they gave me juice and after awhile decided he was fine. Then they sent Shane and I for x-rays. I may have had broken ribs on my left side but they couldn't be sure without harming the baby with the x-rays. I just know that it was weeks before I could sleep without sitting up from the pain.

Shane had two broken bones in his hand. He had surgery a few weeks later and had to have pins in his hand. When the hand healed the doctor took the one pin out by popping it through the skin. I can't imagine the kind of pain he was going through.

How generous of that doctor Huh? The other wouldn't budge after attempts at popping it through and the doctor cut it out? What a compassionate doctor.

When we went to that appointment we were waiting in out truck. A lady came up and started yelling. She said that we should have parked some place else so that someone that was hurt could have that parking spot. She saw only teenagers in a jacked up truck, I guess. We both got out of the car and her jaw dropped. I don't think she was expecting a very pregnant girl with a broken guy. You never can judge people.

The baby came Febuary12, He was healthy but small. We named him Questen. We always thought that Questen would have been bigger if not for the car accident. The baby nor I gained any wait after the accident.
We're thankful he was healthy. That Shane only broke his hand and we were all alive.

Monday, December 22, 2008

2001 Accident part 1

This is our true tragic story.

On Dec 9, 2001 Shane and I were driving back to our house. We had been to my brothers wedding. My mom was following in her own car behind us. She was bringing a bunch of baby stuff to our house for us. I was pregnant and due Feb.

We were about half way home on our 2 1/2 hour journey. The roads had just started to get a little snow on the sides. I remember, It was one of the darkest nights I had seen. We came over a hill and right there in front of us was a green car across our lane. We only saw it when it was 2 feet away. We hit right between the doors of the green car going 50 miles an hour.

Neither Shane nor I remember anything but black for a few minutes. I do remember a lot of pressure and whirling and the chorus of that old song Last Kiss by Pearl Jam repeating through my head. Where oh where did my baby go...I thought we were dead.
My poor sweet mom who was following behind us said that she came over the hill and we were gone we had just completely disappeared in mere moments. She hit the brakes when she couldn't see us or she would have been in the accident also.

After blackness, I remember my mom outside of the window screaming and beating the door because it wouldn't open. Shane then reached over and started beating the door with his fist. He put his foot up and kicked it open. He doesn't remember doing that, but I think that's when he broke his hand. He must have been in shock.
My mom pulled us out and rushed to the side of the road.

As I held my large belly to cross the road. I knew the baby wasn't moving and should be kicking.

We were standing there in 5 degree weather. My mom ran back out to get her car out of the road. I grabbed her arm and begged her not to go out there. I new the next car wouldn't see the accident and it would hit her. She said we would go into shock from the cold, before help from and hour away would get to us. She ranked my arm off and went anyways. She had just got in her car when a huge truck with a trailer came barreling over the hill. I stood there and watched waiting for the bang of the crash...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Can you take "No" for an answere?

Shane was asked to make a few knives for his work Christmas party.
He could make them any way he wanted.
This is how the first one turned out.
This knife to me looks like Shane.
When I saw it. I told him to keep it.
He said, "No."
I asked if I could keep it, because it just reminds me of Shane so much!
The Reds, grays, blacks and blues...
Very masculine colors and
all of Shane's favorites.
"I said I love you and it reminds me of you.
Please, let me add it to my collection."
-I added a few feminine wiles-
He smiled and winked...

and said...


He's always telling me no.

I tell him yes to...

Well... to a lot of things...

I'm over it now. I can take No for an answer, Shane. Can you?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handy man

This is Sean's knife. Sean ordered himself a Christmas present.
I love the turquoise.

It turned out really nice.
I wonder how nice Sean's wife Krista thought it was.
I'm not sure she knew Sean had ordered his own Christmas present.

Look really closely at these pictures.
Monday night, we received a little snow.
Notice our drive way doesn't have any snow.
Notice our side walk does.
Shane didn't shovel the drive way.
Questen didn't shovel the drive way.
Lacy didn't shovel the drive way.
Hmmm, Magic!

Last year, My handy man hubby inserted heated driveway,
before they poured the cement.
We have been on pins and needles for a whole year and a few months to
see if it worked!

Yeah! It worked! Why didn't we do the side walk, Shane?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


In the past, Shane has taught the boy scouts how to put handles on knives. He has had a few demonstrations for the scouts on grinding also.

Last night, the scouts came to the Great Oblivion for a little demonstration and in a month or so Shane will help them build one themselves.

December finds Shane a busy man between His normal job, working for the phone company, helping the scouts, making knives for Christmas, and his family. I hope to get pictures soon, but some of the knives can't be shown until after Christmas, because they are gifts.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

To all you men, don't wait till Christmas eve to get your shopping done! Santa Shane... Hum um... camera... um... hum...
Hopefully, January will fill find Lacy photo happy!