Friday, November 28, 2008

Valentino's knife

One of the latest from the Great Oblivion
This awesome knife has O-one tool steel and streaked ebony on the handle.
I think this knife is very sleek and classic. The pins give it some nice bling.
Oooh, this picture shows the streaks in the wood. Very nice!

Sorry, this knife has already been sold. See, you snooze. You loose.
It sounds like it's going to a cool guy named Valentino!
Ooooh, What a cool name!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shankenstein a Love story

I think this knife has been mentioned before, but it deserves a worthier note. Let me tell you how this little knife came to be...
Shankenstein a Love Story
Once upon a time... Over a year ago...
Shane bought this mammoth tooth. I'm not exactly sure he had me in mind when he first bought it.
(You know me...The minute I laid eyes on those two little slabs of stone I said, "If you put those on any other woman's knife, but mine, we're getting divorsed! If you put those on any other man's knife well... I'm taking you for all your worth babe!")
Okay, so I wasn't all that harsh, but I definitely left claim to them. They sat there on Shane's shelf for a while. Then they were gently wrapped in paper and sealed in a box. They stayed in that box for one year in a little corner on a dusty shelf in the back of a laundry room. Thus, because we moved to a little house without even a small "oblivion" (shop), while we built a new one.
Lacy did the unthinkable, Lacy forgot completely about those lovely lavender slabs of mammoth tooth. Yes my lovely reader, even mammoth tooth can be lovely.
Then the day came, my birthday actually, we moved into our new home. The box with the Lavender slabs came with us. Shane had his shop. He disappeared into that Shop for about a week...
That's when Shane's shop got dubbed "The Great Oblivion." It must take forever to get there and come back because once a person sets out for The Great Oblivion;" We don't see him for forever! Trust me! I know! I'm just worried one day "The Great Oblivion" will turn into a black hole and whoever ventures there may never return!
...Shane was building cabinets and then some new machine he had to put together and pretty soon I started to hear the roll and rumble of a man at work.
Sometimes...When the new machine would turn on the lights in the house would flicker and all I could think of was...I hope Shane doesn't have green skin and bolts sticking out of his neck the next time I see him. Our three little munchkins (children) wouldn't understand. They would run screaming a monster... a monster!

The day came when the machine was quiet. too quiet. It was the erie kind of quiet. Lacy held her breath for the appearance of Shankenstein. He stepped through that garage door and it was like seeing him for the first time. My green eyes laid on his blue eyes and there was a twinkle in them. Shane's wild thirst for making knives was over. His wait of one year, fifteen days, two hours and ten minutes was over. I know this because he'd been a beast to live with for one year, fifteen days, two hours and ten minutes.
You can imagine, I brushed the sweat of my brow. Thank goodness! No Shankenstein!
He had drank his cup of knife satisfaction and the beast was a man again. There in his palms was Little Lavender.
"For you, my love."He said,"because of your endless patience in me and your tireless dedication to our children." That's what he really said. Do you believe me?
It's what he wanted to say he just didn't know it. Instead he said, "Here, I guess you have to have the first knife out of my shop so you won't leave me."

See it's the slabs of lovely lavender mammoth tooth.

Wow! I wasn't expecting that! It's so pretty isn't it? Man, does he know how to kiss butterflies!

So there you have it. A great fairy tale. There was a monster, machines, mammoth tooth, metal work, munchkins, and a marriage saved. And they all lived happily ever after... until Lacy found the hidden box of coca-cola while frolicking in "The Great Oblivion."
The End

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On this Veterans Day...

I've been thinking about our country and all of it's changes of late. I admit to being scared of the economy. For our little community, the oil field is a big deal. I admit to being scared of what the president elect will do to the jobs in our town. Having said this I still believe in our country and its will to survive. I'm grateful to all the Veterans who have served to keep our freedom. I'm grateful to my ancestors who have served, namely my grandpas.
My uncle who died in the Vietnam war.
And more recently, my brother in law- Bubba and My friend Bobbies' husband Jim who was in Kirghistan . Jim served, leaving Bobbi home with three kids and pregnant and she gave birth while he was gone! To all those and everybody else-
Thank you!

Having our freedom gives Shane the ability to work where he wants to and do what he wants to do. Freedom let's him do the knives. I know sometimes I gripe about the time he spends in "the great oblivion" (He spends a lot of time out there) but I'm glad he's had the opportunity to be able to pursue after a dream that he may not be able to in some countries.

This is one of the knives he's made this month it has Maroon Micarta and
Red Wood burl on it.
This Veterans day I thought of another time when I was scared of the economy and what might happen. It was on 911! Shane, My brother and sister-in-law and I happened to be in Cabo San Lucas Mexico on that fateful day. We had just arrived the night before. I was sitting on the couch watching t.v. waiting for Shane to finish getting ready. (That happens more then you might think. Yes it does, Shane.) I couldn't understand what they were saying and I thought it was happening in Mexico. I was sick and sad! So sad for the lives lost and the families affected. I truly was. Then my brother Chase came running into the room with tears in his eyes and said that's happening in the United Stated and
I was not only sick and sad, but scared.
Scared for my family back home. Scared that we wouldn't get back home. Scared because the Mexicans would no longer take our money. (No money- No food or transpiration) Scared for the economy (Which I shamefully admit, didn't worry me when I thought it was Mexico.) Mostly, I was scared for the baby I carried in my tummy. I was five months pregnant with Questen (my first baby) I didn't know what sex the baby was yet. I knew this secure life I thought I was bringing this tiny baby into, that nudged and kicked my insides, was no longer secure.

Ten days later, when we left Cabo we were the first flight out since, 911. I wasn't scared of someone taking over the plane. I wanted my aching swollen sick pregnant body home.
As the plane took off the people started chanting
U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!
When the pilot had announced that we had crossed the border we all clapped and cheered and again we clapped and cheered when the plane landed.

You may not understand the feeling from my simple words, but my lovely reader, I will never forget it. I knew in those moments...
The U.S.A. was a great country and it was most definitely worth fighting for and this Great Nation would survive!

Thanks again Veterans!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shiver me timbers!

My lovely reader,

I admit it! I admit it to the men! I admit it to Ladies!

Sometimes, a little bit of a bad boy (rouge) isn't bad!

If Shane had only known the affect a bandanna and earring do...

(Which by the way, I don't, in general, like earrings on men...
It's a woman prerogative to change her mind.)

If Shane had only known... I think he would have pulled
his head out of the mud on Halloween and dressed up.
I fell for a bit of a bad boy! There I was, a good little lass in my cozy little life,
and along came Shane.
Shiver me timbers!

I was a goner. I had no hope.

Me heart is held captive by me captain.
You know the saying "You can't change a man" well, I think it should say
"You can change a man, but only if he wants you to
and certainly not all of him."

Just when I think I've polished all the rascal out of him.

Just when I think he's the perfect gentlemen.

He squints his eyes just a bit, gives a wink and says,
"I think I'll just sit here and
watch you eat that ice cream cone"
I glare back at him.
But I see that pirate picture, and the truth is,
I'm glad he's a bit of a rascal!
What you might ask...
What does this have to do with knives?
I could tell you... pirates carry daggers and swords...,
but the truth is...
This blog has nothing, what so ever, to do with knives
because I can't get
my mind off of the stupid saucy pirate picture !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What happen's in " The Great Oblivion" stays in "The Great Oblivion"

Shuuuuh! Ha Ha! That is what Shane thought and he was sorely mistaken.
Yes.. He was.
Knowing that you, my lovely reader, were in dire need of a posting that had an actual knife in it. I decided to post about this knife. It's a lovely knife with a bold shape that I like very much! It has black MiCarta and cocoa bola wood on it.
This knife is a kith knife.
That was k-i-t-h.
Can you say it with me kkkiiiithththt?
Good job! Now lets say it three times together.

Kith, Kith, Kith.
What is a Kith knife? It stands for knife in the hat. Shane and some fellows on a knife network forum all make a knife and put their names in a hat. draw out names and send each other the knives they have made. That way everybody gets a new knife. Does that make sense? Leave a comment if it doesn't. Go a head dish it out I can take it. I'm already feeling used and abusedand cheeted on, so one little comment about not making any sense just won't matter.
Let me explain... So there I was out in "The Great Oblivion" being such a good little wife.
I was asking Shane some questions about this knife and well... Let's just say Shane was getting a little frisky.
Out of the corner of my eye and down on the floor I see a glint of red. So I double take for a closer inspection. I see something that was completely appalling. Oh my gosh! I thought. There hidden quite conveniently under Shane's Black tool box is a whole box of coke!
What the hell, Shane!

I know what you're thinking gosh Lacy it's just a box of Coca-Cola. Give the man a break, at least, it's not Beer or something worse. See, here is the issue. About two weeks ago, I drank my last coke from the fridge. I sipped, ever so slowly, so that the sweet yummy goodness would last me til the next day. Shane had guzzled his last pop also. We had agreed to not buy any more boxes of pop and only drink one bought with lunch. There has been times I have made one little pop last three days.

Upon the evaluation of the situation, forsooth, there will no longer be any kind of frolicking aloud in "The Great Oblivion". Thank you!