Friday, October 31, 2008


Here's my scrumy-umy-umkis man carving pumy-umy-umkins for all of his sweety pies! He has made three knives that I have not yet reported on because life has been too
crazy-azy azy with Halloween. I haven't had the time to take the pictures, but I will get on that as soon as Halloween is over.
In the meantime, be as good as a gumdrop and be patient.
No, Shane is not carving the rolly polly pummy-ummy-umkins with one of his knives, but that may be a future adventure-
Kitchen knives.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

You deserve a Klondike Bar!

A certain blue eyed man who happens to make knives. Actually, cleaned out the garage. Now I know, to some standard this garage still looks dirty. But, if you had seen it before, you would know that,

That blue eyed guy deserves a Klondike Bar!
By the way, that white door happens to be the port hole to "the Great Oblivion" he obviously needed to clear a path for me to find my way. It was like walking through a jungle!
Just in case you're not sure what I'm talking about. Here are some links to real Klondike Bar commercials.
I think they're hilarious.
When I see this picture, I'm thinking he deserves more then a Klondike bars.
( you know what I mean...)

Maybe, I'll by him two Klondike Bars. (What did you think I meant?)
Let's hope they survive the trip home from the grocery store. I'm craving chocolate.
It would be okay if I had just a little nibble wouldn't it? Afterall, he wouldn't have cleaned the garage without my spell... Hee, Hee, Hee....
Go to the Lacy's lovelies link to figure out what in the world this woman is talking about now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Elfin fighter knife

My heart doth have a bitter-sweet twinge. The "Elfin Fight knife" has found a new home.
I am going to let you in on a little secret- Shhhhh- Don't tell Shane I told you.
I picked out the Stellar sea cow bone (which I'm shortening to S.S.C. bone) to go on this knife. He tells people he has had it in the great oblivion for a year and when he saw this yellow Mammoth tooth that he decided to use the s.s.c. bone. This is all true, however, he brought to me the s.s.c. bone and something else and asked which one looked better. I knew immediately, it had to be
Ooooh, I love that vine work.

Shane makes his own sheathes and this knife looks great in it's case.

I decided to let him sell it. (I don't really get a choice, but I try.)

Because I don't think it would work well as a neck knife. Do you?

I don't think it will work well in my purse either.

Sigh... I must let it go.

Fare thee well, Have a good life in MI.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Come and get it...

Reader...Reader... Read all about it. Shane has sold all of his knives from the Blade Show, except this one. This is this only one left! Get your S.P.A. Knife here. Before they are all sold out. It's a beautiful knife with a giraffe bone bolster, brass cigar band, and mammoth tooth.
If you're interested email us at . He's asking $500. Make him an offer. You never know... In the meantime, I'll butter him up for you...
Well, maybe not. He's watching U.F.C. I'll be lucky to get a nod of his head for acknowledgement.

Birthday music? Hop on over to my side of the road and you'll understand...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keep it together- Forever.

Ed Foweler is a field Editor for Blade Magazine and I think he said he'd been making knives since he was in sixth grade and that was about ten years now. Ha, don't you just love him!

We met Ed Foweler at our own table. He was going around the room checking out everybody's knife and Shane said, "Hi Ed, It's nice to meet you I'm Shane..."
Later that day, I was at the table by myself and Ed was at the next table looking at our neighbors knife. He happened to look over at me and I smiled. He said, "I like you, I can tell your good people. You and your husband, Keep it together-Forever." Ed repeated that same saying a few times throughout the show. "Keep it together- Forever"
I took this picture simply because Ed has a great face. Just look at it. It's one that makes you want to know everything he knows. He looks so wise and he is. He gave great advise. There is also a twinkle in his eye. Do you see it. That's were his since of humer comes into his face.

This is the same picture. I made it black and white and added a little orange to it. It made it look a little antique. I love how it fits with Ed's hat. We were able to get to know Ed even better the last day of the show. Through Ed, we met Shannon and Butch Deveraux (hope that's spelled right). We really enjoyed our evening with the three of them. Butch won the Best New Maker award and it was well deserved!

Ed even called Shane after the show which made Shane's week! He is so good to us!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ed Caffrey

Here is Shane at the show. At our table. By this point we had already sold one knife. We had been told that nobody sells one on the first day. I think we were very lucky and we appreciate that. I would have thought to take pictures sooner, if Shane would have been around for it. Ha ha.
This is Ed Caffrey. Now, when I asked for this picture, Ed said only if you remember, I am just a regular guy. And he is except, People who know knives, should know Ed's name!
At the beginning of the Show. Shane introduced himself to Ed. I was at our table, holding the place together, and watching.
This is how I met Ed...
I was sitting at the table. Alone, of coarse. When out of the corner of my eye, somebody walked up and knelt down at our table. I was surprised to see Ed Caffrey sitting there.
Ed said,"Me and you have to have a little chat."
I have a guilty conscience. I do. When I go through airport security I just know they will end up searching me. They never do. I'm sure if for any reason I had to take a lie detector test, I would fail. I would. I'm a ninny.
So there I was, with Ed and thinking What on earth, have I done wrong? But recovering myself, I squeezed out a smile and said,"why...?"I'm sure my voice cracked and stuttered.
He proceeded to tell me, not to let Shane leave me here because that was what he did to his wife and she know longer came to the shows with him because of it.
I said something domb like, "It's nice to meet you... I know nothing about knives, but even I know who you are. " I put my hand out to shake his.
He stayed and talked about knives for about 15-20 min. Then Shane was back and he talked to Shane for about 45 min. He was so nice and down to earth.
Later, he asked us to go to dinner with him and a group of his knife buddies. We went and were introduced to other people like the Hackey's. Sandy and Dana Hackey are from Colarado and I just love them!
So that's how I met Ed. That's my story and I'm sticken to it. I promise that is how it happened. Oh, now I'm feeling guilty again and I don't even know what I did...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Blade Show!

This is it! The all powerful and all mighty Blade West Show. This is our view from our table. This is just a tiny portion of the show.

Above, That's Ed Caffrey just left of center in the kacky shirt .
See the guy to the right in the kacky shirt and black hat. He's standing below the sconce next to the green table. When we would retell this story we would call that guy "the knife guy." Then we would have to specify because, let's face it, everyone in that room could in one way or another be called the knife guy!!

But this particular guy, had knives strapped to his wrist with black leather. Then he would throw his arms forward and the knives would come shooting out of the sheaths and fly up and around into his hand. He did this about three feet from my face! It was one of those moments, when you want to let out a little yelp, but don't because, you're in shock and you don't want to offend the guy.

Having kept myself from being a ninny, I smiled pretty. Told him "wow" cause that was all I could say and told him he needed to go talk to Michael Raider. Michael Raider is the sword guy and knows all about self defence. (I'm sure Michal Raider apreciated this.) While saying all of this I was prepared to duck because this man with the knives on his wrist talked with his hands and I just knew any moment one of the knives was going to fly out and take one of my green eyes with it!

I still don't want to offend the guy because I'm co-dependant and want everybody to like me. Which is another issue...

I think the guy may have, really, invented something that for the right person, who had to protect themselves from ninjas or something , this might be the key.

That reminds me... Did you know I have a whole herd, yes herd, of ninjas protecting my knife collection. I do. So don't event think about it....

If you don't believe me. Click over to my blog when you finished with this one. Scroll down to my archives and click on September then scroll down to the picture of the knives. It's called Hubbies Got Talent! it will tell you about the ninjas!!
So what I was getting at, is if you try to get one of my knives. You might wish you had a set of knives strapped to your wrist.

This is Peter Bromely. His table was kiddy corner from ours.

He is not a "sweet little Mormon girl."

What the heck are you talking about Lacy. He is not even a girl. I know this. Believe me, I'm glad he is not a sweet little Mormon girl because then he would not be Peter Bromely. Then he would be Petra Bromely and that just wouldn't be any good.

So what am I talking about? Let me tell you. I like Mr. Bromely. He was very kind to us and gave us great advise. He's been in the business a long time and you should recognise his name, if you're into knives.

This is why Mr. Bromely is not a "sweet little Mormon girl."

Shane was a wanderer at the show. He wanted to see everybody else's work. This left me alone at the table a lot. Mr. Bromely who I had already been acquainted with, at this point, would walk by to go out side. He had a little baggy in one hand and his other hand inside the bag. When Mr. Bromely would move there was a smell I was not accustomed to. It was not quite hazel nut, not quite vanilla, and not quite musk. I couldn't put my finger on it. So I asked, "What are you doing with that bag?" (Shane had wondered back at this point)

"You probably don't smoke do you?" He asked

"No, I'm a sweet little Mormon girl." I replied

Putting his hand on his chest to refer to himself.

"Well, I'm not." Mr. Bromely replied with mischief in his eyes.

He then explained to the naive young girl that it was tobacco in his bag and he was filling his pipe. I was surprised at how sweet it smelled.

This is Mr. Bromely and I.

Note- All pictures are posted on the blog in order as they are taken.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


First of all, I apologize for the Halloween music. I like festivity, it keeps things interesting!

Well, we arrived in Oregon wed sep 24. We had all of Thursday to do as we wished. (You can read about it on my blog.)
Shane and I had been looking forward to the blade show. It not only was for Shane's knives but this is the first time we've left our children since I was pregnant with Questen. Questen is our first child and he is now six. Yes, six years since we've been alone. And if I wanted to be really technical, we went on that trip (to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) September 9, 2001. We were there on the tragic 9-11, which is an entirely different story, that all tell about some other time. So if I wanted to be really technical, it had been exactly 7 years and 15 days since Shane and I have been on vacation without munchkins!!!

To add to that, Shane had been out in "the Great Oblivion" (the knife shop) since July. Well, sometimes, he would let me come out to "the great oblivion" and sit quietly in the corner so I could watch him work.

Now you understand how excited I was for the show.

His hard work has paid off. Here are the knives he made and we took to the show. I think that you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

There pretty ain't they? I know, aint, aint a word, da, da, da....
Anyways, the show was great! It was fun!
The other knife makers were all so kind to us and I would say even the one's that made Shane feel a little "Star struck" were extremely down to earth and very friendly.
(Within the next few days I will have a post(s) on some of the people we met and became friends with.)

So I want to tell you how Shane did at the show. So, one of the reasons why I write on Shane's bog is because I can brag about my hunky knife making husband, because he won't do it himself. So having said this let my bragging begin-

I feel like Shane did really well at the show. That's not the truth I feel like Shane did awesome!!!
He sold five knives and a little axe.

Sold- Mammoth tooth bolster and Ebony wood

We all know that I have a hard time parting with Shane's knives. There a part of him and there beautiful and I would like to keep everyone of them! Being a women, I have mixed emotions. I also, jump for joy when he sells one and especially when I think the knife is going to have a happy home. This big boy went to Canada. A man by the name of George bought it and it just seemed to belong him.

Sold- Mammoth tusk

This little neck knife went to a very nice lady in Oregon.

Sold- green malachite bolster and mammoth tusk
I have been begging Shane to do a green knife for over a year! So when he brought this little knife in from "the Great Oblivion" to show me, my heart did a little sing and soar. la.. la.. la..
Then he told me. IT WAS NOT LACY'S. Darn!
Don't worry, I'm over it now because George bought this one, as well. His wife really liked it. What can I say, She had great taste!

Sold- Mammoth tooth bolster and mammoth tusk

This knife was the first one to sell and it was so exciting to think that we had sold one!!

Sold- Mammoth tooth bolster, jasper cigar band , and curly wood

I also, wanted to keep this one! It was an eye catcher.

I'm glad it caught a buyers eye!

Sold- mini battle axe

So stinkin cute! That's exactly what the man who bought it said.

I have to say, at the show I didn't experience to much separation anxiety.

I was just so proud of Shane every time a knife sold.

Five knives and a mini axe for a first time show is awesome!

In the next day or so, I will post the ones still for sale. In the meantime, If you're interested you can email Shane at He would be happy to send you pictures.