Monday, September 22, 2008

Daren's knife

There is this man named Daren. He makes, builds, beautiful kitchen cabinets. Which upon seeing his work, a strange very inquisitive women started calling him weekly, if not daily, to try and determine exactly how she wanted her cabinets to look. Can you do this? Can you do that? How much is that going to cost me? She would ask. To Daren's relief the women sent her husband to pick up some samples one day. This said husband, happened to be a knife maker and asked, (Making my voice deep) "If you have any left over scraps of wood, when your finished with our kitchen, can I keep them?I make knives and the wood would be great for the handles. " (Still keeping my voice deep but changing it slightly) Daren replied, "You make knives? I collect knives. "
And thus, A new knife was born. Well not exactly right then, but the idea of it was.
Shane starts with a billet (point for Lacy!) which is a big block of steel and he grounds the knife out of it. He uses his own patterns and has never used anyone else's. Although, I keep asking if he would let me design one. He hasn't given in yet. At some point the knife has to be heat treated. Why? Shane will explain that someday. This is Daren's knife before it was beautified by Shane.
This is the end result, but just wait until you see it in color. By the way, The annoying lady wasn't trying to be annoying, she just likes things pretty and when you spend that kind of money. You want it the way you want it. Anyways.... I think I... I mean the lady did pretty well here's a picture of the kitchen.
Don't you just love how she combined old with new. I also just love how there's
beautiful contrast in the cabinet's colors.
Okay, I'll get back to knives. Quit yelling at me!
Here it is. I just bet after seeing the knife, that Daren thought all of my.... the lady's nagging was worth it.

Daren came to "the great oblivion" (Shane's shop). He asked a few question's himself. Which made that lady not look so annoying. Daren picked out the blue Mammoth tooth and the pattern of steel and approximate size.

Shane pulled the rest together with a Mammoth tusk bolster blue and yellow spacer.

Ooooh, I like this file work!
It's a beauty. Isn't it? Daren acted just like a proud poppa when he received his knife.

Good bye till we're back from Oregon! - the annoying Lady, Lacy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahh crap... nothing will ever top the eagle knife

Bare with me okay, let me give you a little bit of background:
So I grew up in a pointy house on top of a hill that has a great big drop of. A cliff. It was the perfect spot for eagles to nest. They could soar and see the whole town. Food was plenty from mice to snakes and maybe even occasionally, one of our cats. How sad.
That's why my dad, Randy, named our home Eagle's Nest.

I know, first Rose Cottage and Now Eagle's Nest. We might be a bit strange, but we're entertaining. I'm still thinking of a name for our new house. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

My dad, Randy, really likes Eagles. I think they're his favorite animal, bird... What ever.

So when Father's day and his Birthday came, I told Shane to make him a knife.
(My dad was born on Father's day and even when the two occasions don't fall on the same day. we tend to celebrate them together anyways. )
Now admit it, we all have one person in our lives that we cringe thinking of what to get them on special days.
Not because we don't love them, but because there just plain hard.
My dad is that person for me. Sorry dad, It's true I love ya.
So I thought, problem solved.
Here it is.

Shane searched high and low to find a carved eagle. It was carved out of elk horn. Perfect. He pulled the rest of the knife together with an amber wood spacer and a Damascus bolster. He did awesome! .
My dad loved it and it was probably the best gift I ever gave him. Every year, When June rolls around I think Ahhh crap. ..Nothing will ever top the eagle knife.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Don't you just hate it when you're just about to take a bite of the most scrumptious dessert and the phone rings. You're regretting putting down that beautiful scrumptious bite and answer the phone. Because good edicut is to answer the phone and so you do. Only to find the familiar plugged nose twang of, " hello, Mr. (or Mrs.) so and so. You know immediately that it is not a beloved family member or loved one or even the dreaded dentist office. It is a stupid (Forgive my rudeness, but I know your thinking it too. ) SALES PERSON!!
Okay so a year ago, while we lived in the little house My mom and I dubbed Rose Cottage, the phone rang. Having six children (ages 8, 5, 4, 2, 1, and 10 months) in my care, and in a squished 1000 square foot home, the chaos was much. The darn phone rang every ten minutes that morning.
So when the phone rang I was at my wits end. I picked it up with the thought that if it was a sales person he/she might might get a verbal licken like they'd never had before.
Is Mr. Shane Paul at home?
What nerve this guy had. He even used Shane's middle name. I'm not going to mess with him I'm just going to haa...
S.P.A. the knife maker? the deep voice asked.
Being the typical woman that I am, my mood changed from desperate house wife to sugary sweet.
Why yes, it is. What can I do for you? I asked
He proceeded to tell me that he was from Canada and he was an avid knife collector. He had just bought this knife in the above picture from an auction up there. He said he wanted to know what kind of guy Shane was. Well, he's just a hard working, good husband, and good father of three. (I really did say that.) He said Shane was well known up there and he needed to get his butt to a knife show. Okay so he didn't say butt.
He later called Shane back and they talked for about a hour and Half.
So there you have it. Shane is famous in Canada, Who knew?
That phone call got Shane's thoughts a twirling and now a week from today we'll be in flight to the Blade Show West.
Here's the famous knife again. It is a beautiful knife. It has a giraffe bone bolster and Mammoth tooth on the end with black and yellow spacers. Points for Lacy!

Shane likes to call this pointy thing a "toad stabber." Really, Shane likes toads and wouldn't hurt them. The last rain storm he even swerved to miss one of those cute little hoppers. Beautiful file work he calls "The Celtic" He doesn't know why.
Please if you're a sales person and the name Shane or Lacy is on you're list.
Don't call us. Just don't do it. I might be little, but I'm tough and I have
enough chaos in my life you don't need to add to it.
There is a certain company that's pushing their limits.
I won't name any names, ahh urrr Chase Bank ahh urr.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Beginning

This is not the first knife. I repeat, it is not the first knife.

Shane is my very talented husband, whom on a whim, decided he would like to try to make knives.

My name is Lacy. That is me in the profile. I'm just the author of this little shin dig and wife of this crazy talented man who, if you remember, started on a whim.

Now I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. After all, Shane had started on many great and wonderful hobbies only to spend time, money and in a few months he would be on to his next great adventure.

So being the typical loving and encouraging wife I said, "Now how much are you going to spend?!"

Shane being the typical very communicative charming husband didn't answer me. But in the next few weeks bits and pieces of machinery started showing up.

It wasn't too many days before he came strutten in the house. He had this look on his face like a kid who had just ate a whole bowl of ice cream.(I wish I had it on camera) He was sooo content. The most important thing is, though, he had this knife in his hand.

"Let me see it." I said not sure what I would find. It was beautiful. "Who did you by it from?" I asked."I made it."he said. "No you didn't. Which knife maker did you by it from and more importantly how much did it cost?" I asked. I watched his eyes which are Shane's give away when he's teasing me. There wasn't a bit of mischief in them.There was a sparkle of pride in his beautiful blue eyes and I knew he did, indeed, make it.

I grabbed it out of his hand to give it a closer look. It was warm from him working on it. It had a beautiful patterned silver blade with a silver bolster and a bluish (giraffe bone) handle. It was perfectly curved and sparkled. All girls like sparkle. I was in awe and for once I was speechless. Shane would say, " yeah for once."

It is still one of the prettiest knives I've ever seen. Although, every knife that Shane makes is a true competitor.

I will post a picture of it soon.

So Shane had found his niche. I no longer have to worry about his next big hobby. I just worry now about how much he's spending on Knife paraphernalia.

Shane has now made knives for a few years. I can't count how many he's made and sold. Occasionally, he makes one for me or a beloved family member. (Now, if he hasn't made one for you, it doesn't mean that you're not a beloved family member. He just hasn't had time or hasn't realized that you want one. So don't worry beloved family members.) Some times, I talk him into not selling one and letting me keep it. Okay, so I steal it.

On September 24 we leave for his first knife show in Oregon. Wish us good luck. I'll be sure to post our adventure.

If you receive this in email form please com visit the real site at and then from there hop on over to see our family. Pass this site on to your friends. The men will love it. I promise to post knives often.